Zygo Cactus

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  • Botanical name: Schlumbergera Truncata
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Size: Small (4- inch nursery pot)
  • Light: The Zygo Cactus prefers partial shade or a diffused light, although they are very adaptable at adjusting to growing conditions. If you do expose them to full sunlight, make it during the winter months—plentiful sunlight in the spring and summer can make the plant pale and yellow.
  • Water: Water the plant thoroughly, allowing the excess water to run out through the drainage hole. Allow the soil to dry almost completely between waterings—you will know if the soil is too dry when the leaves start to pucker and shrivel.
  • Plant care: Flowers will form at the ends of these stems, so the more stems your plant has, the more flowers it will boast. To encourage more stems, grow your Zygo Cactus as a hanging plant or place it somewhere where it has room to drape. Zygo Cactus plants do not have thorns.