Tetrasperma 8”

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Botanical name: Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Origin:  Southern Thailand and Malaysia

Size: Medium (8- inch nursery pot) 

Light: The Tetrasperma grows best in an environment where it can receive bright indirect light, direct sunlight would also be tolerable. It's important for it to be in a well-lit room because it isn't adequate to low light.

Difficulty: Medium 

Water: Keep the soil moderately moist and waterless in the winter time. It is generally forgiving if you forget to water every now and then but refrain from letting it dry too long for good health.

Plant care: Tetraspermas tend to be fast growers, during the growing season would be the best time to repot and fertilize. They also like to climb, adding a moss pole or trellis would grow a happy plant.

*mildly toxic to pets*