Peruvian Apple Cactus 10"

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*Very RARE*

Botanical name:

Cereus peruvianus

Origin: Southeast Asia

Size: L (10 -inch nursery pot) (24-30 Inches Tall)

Light: Peruvian Cactus are happy indoors where they can get bright, indirect light. They need bright light daily and grow to be over 5 feet. If they begin to slant, rotate the container in the opposite direction.

Difficulty: Easy

Water: It's advisable to water this plant more often within the summer and much less, winter time. Like other desert type cacti their natural habitat is dry and they store water within the stems. Water this plant when the soil begins drying out. Once a month is a great rule of thumb.

Plant care: 

A fast-draining pot mixture used for cactus plants is ideal.

*toxic to pets*