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Birdnest Fern 6”

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Botanical NameAsplenium nidus

Origin: Australia

Difficulty: Easy

Light: Does best in moderate to bright indirect light. 

Water: Allow soil to lightly dry in between waterings

* pet friendly*


Proprietary formula derived from Worm Castings, Nitrogen from Fish & Soy, Seaweed Extract, Humic Acid, MicroMinerals, & Yucca

How It Works

This product is ALIVE! Brewed worm castings are full of microorganisms that help build up the plant's immune system and help structure the soil and the nutrients within it.


Spray and wipe your indoor and outdoor plants once every two weeks to protect, clean, and shine your foliage. Using a microfiber towel is recommended.

The Benefits

Our biologically active solution adds life to your plants, making nutrients more available and stimulating nutrient uptake, root growth, vitality, and strength.


1. Store your bottle in a cool place.

2. Use the product on the root zone when transplanting.

3. Don’t just spray on leaves, but also near the base as a soil drench.


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