Alocasia Regal Shield 10"

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Botanical name: Alocasia Reginula 

Origin: Southeast Asia

Size: XL (10 -inch nursery pot)

Light:  Regal Shield needs bright indirect light such as near a south or north-facing window. Make sure that it receive bright light daily but that rays of sunlight do not hit their leaves as they tend to grow in the direction they are receivng light. 

Difficulty: Easy

Water: Alocasias do not like to be overwatered. Wait until the soil is moderately dry to water again. It is best to get into a watering schedule so that you can best determine when to water based on your light, temperature, and moisture conditions. 

Plant care: The leaves tend to face towards the ray of light, so it is a good idea to rotate the plant occasionally and use distilled water rather than tap water to prevent the build-up of minerals.

*toxic to pets*