Maranta’s Gift Lis


Words by Michelle Alfaro 

As we approach the holiday season and the Christmas decorations begin to take their place in our homes… ‘Tis the season for holiday gift shopping! Which can sometimes be rather stressful especially when festivities and exchanging gifts and touch aren’t the same in 2020.

I think it's safe to say plant therapy has gotten us through the year and they are one of the most rewarding assets you can add to a space. Which is what makes them an ideal Christmas gift delivered straight to your door. The varieties, endless shapes, and colors add all the evermore comfort to our home and space that we much need in these times. Maranta has put together a collection of beginner and pet-friendly greenery straight from our shop to meet your painless and convenient gift needs in the midst of a pandemic. Besides, 2020 has been the year for acquiring plenty of skills. Why not add plant connoisseur to the list? :) 

Beginner Friendly


Snake Plants

The sword-like snake plant comes in all heights and shapes, the best part is they are the most forgiving plants. We have busy schedules and everyday life, it is completely innate to skip a watering day or two... but let's try not to make that a habit. The irony is Snake plants actually prefer to be completely dry before watering, making them one of the easiest plants to maintain. 


Silver Satin Pothos

The Pothos family is notorious for its easy care abilities. Pothos are super adaptable to any setting. I mean any! From your filtered office space light to your east-facing window, nothing can stop this plant from living their best life. 

Pet Friendly



One thing about a Maranta is their colorful foliage will catch your attention immediately. It is also known as a Prayer Plant, as its foliage opens and closes throughout the day as the sun emerges. The only requirement to a happy, thriving Maranta is humidity. An easy and affordable way to upkeep your plants' humidity is to mist once a week with lukewarm water. Not to keep ranting but this Maranta is also pet friendly! 


Calathea Rattlesnake

Calatheas are very similar to the Maranta family. The Rattlesnake appreciates humidity and is low light tolerant but will grow much larger and healthier in a sunlit room. The Rattlesnake made it to our list for being pet-friendly, your fur friends can be one with your Calathea without it harming your pets if ingested! 


Calathea Ornata 

Calathea Ornata's trailing patterns of pink and dark foliage make for a vibrant piece to flaunt on your coffee table. It prefers an evenly moist soil for best results and care. Calatheas have all my respect for their pet-proof traits! We all know how curious pets can get, and I don’t blame them, they just want to see what all the plant craze is about! This is our best selling and a favorite in the Maranta Plant Shop family. 

Looking beyond the surface, plants exude life-giving energy into a space. Watching your plants thrive and grow taps into our innate desire to nurture. Do you know that zen feeling you get in the midst of your plant care routine? Fully relaxed and at ease with no sense of worry. Plants teach us what it means to practice mindfulness, patience, and care. During these difficult times, while our plants purify our air they restore a level of vibrancy and balance to our lives. Sounds like the ultimate rewarding gift to me. 

Happy Holidays,

Maranta team.

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