When I was a child my father had the green thumb in the family. He would tend to multiple house plants and the garden outside our home. I have overheard him talking to the plants he cared for and little did I know that Iā€™d be taking after him. My personal journey with plants started a few years ago when my mother brought me my first plant as a house warming gift. A Guzmania Bromeliads, a strong, tall, bold, red at the tips, beauty. Her name, ALPHA. She took care of me, I took care of her. Eventually it became a ritual for me. I would pour into my plant with water, love and care and she would show me what growth was in my own life. It went past the trend and aesthetic and dove into my soul and taught me how to care for myself. Well, easily we know that 1 plant turns to 25 then to 70. It turns to dirt under your nails, late nights repotting, and multiple google searches in a panic. Nonetheless I love my plant babies. I love to surround myself with examples of growth. Little did I know plants would save me, love me and always encourage me to grow. I rarely leave out a plant in my artwork. When I create art for others and even myself the reminder is that there is a continuation of growth with in you and in anything you pour into.
- Olivia Burks  @livemke


Maranta Hue Series is a monthly platform showcasing the art of Black and Brown artists.